Musicians use copper for a variety of things both useful and beautiful. This element is woven throughout the tools of our trade. The redsmith is a copper worker. Like the redsmith, this guild of music makers is creating something that feels of the earth – both familiar and elegant.

After sharing stage and studio in different permutations, this group of seasoned musicians – based out of New Albany, Indiana – has come together to form The Redsmith Guild. Each member brings their own passions and influences, yet we hold a shared desire to stay rooted to the traditions of the great artforms that have made us musicians. The result is our own unique quilt of sounds we’ve formed together as a gift to our audience.

With the impact of rock and roll, the soul of the blues, the movement of R&B, the stories of a folk song, and the nuance of jazz, the collection of talents and experiences comprised by this band offers music that will move you, make you think, and compel you to sing along.

Join The Guild.


Meg Shaffer

Justin Shaffer
Guitar, Vocals

Joe Ficarra

Ryan Marsh

Ryan Marsh
Keys, Vocals

Philip Turner